rasheeda and kirk Do You Tell A Friend If Their Spouse Is Cheating?If your friend’s spouse was cheating and you knew, would you tell your friend?

This post is inspired about a recent incident on Love & Hip Hop. Here’s a recap:

Rasheed and Kirk are married. Rasheeda found out she was pregnant and told Kirk. Instead of being excited, he told her she should get an abortion. They were trying to make some major career changes and the timing wasn’t perfect. He also suggested that the baby wasn’t his since Rasheeda is a rapper and they live a certain lifestyle (the baby is definitely his).  There as a lot of back and forth and eventually, Rasheeda told Kirk he needed to leave and really figure out what he wanted to do in terms of their family. He interpreted the request to leave as a free pass; during a boys trip to a cabin, he got it in with one or two “popcorn heauxs.” Rasheeda’s friend Traci found out and told Rasheeda.

For those that watch the show, did I miss anything?

Overall Kirk is trifling, but we’ll just focus on the “telling a friend their spouse is cheating” part. That is tricky!! I’ve never been in this situation. My initial reaction would be to tell my friend. How could I keep something like that from them? As a friend, I want the best for them; being cheated on is beyond unacceptable!

A coworker and I talked about this a few weeks ago and she provided a different perspective.  While telling a friend about a cheating spouse comes from a good place, the friend may not be very receptive. They may not believe you. After all, no one wants to hear from an outside source that their spouse is cheating. Sharing this type of information could ruin your friendship (it happens more often than you’d think).

What would you do?? If your friend’s spouse is cheating, do you spill the beans? Would you want your friend to tell you if your spouse was cheating?

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