Over the past couple months, my friend Renee has been revamping her wardrobe; she recently lost weight so it was time to get rid of clothes that were too big and replace them with pieces that fit. However, like many women, she got stuck wearing pieces the same way. So last Saturday, I went over to her house and we spent 3 hours going through her closet creating new outfits; 2 casual looks and 22 outfits that she could wear to work.

Renee has a lot of color in her closet so I really wanted to focus on showing her how different color combinations worked together. Every time she tried on an outfit and stepped in front of the mirror she would say “I love this” or “I would’ve never put this together!” When I got home, she texted me and said “You changed my life!” That statement definitely moved me.  Being a personal stylist is about more than putting outfits together. It’s really about helping women feel good about the way the look. Loving the way you look definitely plays a roll in how you feel about yourself. It takes some time, but once a woman learns how to dress her body and put looks together, she becomes more confident and proud of her body.

Here are a few of the outfits created from her wardrobe.  She purchased items from Target, H&M, Old Navy and EXPRESS. If you’ve been in a style rut, hopefully these looks will provide some inspiration. Please excuse the quality of the photos.

Great look for a casual afternoon or evening out.

Add some interest to a black sheath dress with a colorful blazer and color block pumps.

This cap sleeve peplum is great for slimming the waist and creating balance between your top and bottom half.

One of our favorite looks. Love the color combination!

The color of the top doesn’t have to match the purple in the skirt exactly! As long as they are in the same family, it works!

Use statement jewerly and heels to make a jersey dress appropriate for work.

Dress up a jersey dress with a blazer and bad heels!

This skirt is navy and black. Yes you can wear those color together!

If you’re like Renee and feel like you need help putting outfits together, please contact me! I’m here to help you get full use out of your wardrobe. Believe me, you have more outfits in your closet than you think! Contact me at [email protected] or 301-836-1451 to schedule a free consultation.

pixel Styled by Keri: Creating New Looks With Your Current Wardrobe
PinExt Styled by Keri: Creating New Looks With Your Current Wardrobe
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