This season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers witnessed Cynthia undergo surgery for fibroids.  The fibroids had caused bloating (she sometimes looked pregnant), discomfort, pain and no desire to have sex. Since she had experienced these symptoms for awhile, I would hope that her husband would be sympathetic and interested in understanding what her options were to have them removed so she could live a life free of those symptoms.

Unfortunately, that last statement doesn’t apply to Cynthia’s husband, Peter Thomas. During an episode of the show, while Cynthia complained about being bloated and discussed going to see a doctor, Peter joked about how she looked and made light of the situation.  Not too long after Cynthia had surgery to have the fibroids removed, Peter asked when they would be able to have sex again.  Sir, can your wife’s uterus heal first before you start worry about sex?? *side eye*

But what really made me go “huh?” was a recent interview Peter and Cynthia gave to Life & Style Magazine.  During the interview, Cynthia revealed that had she not had surgery this year, she and Peter wouldn’t have made it. “We’d be divorced for sure” she says. And Peter agreed, “I know we would’ve been done. There is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed” (things meaning not having sex consistently).  There were times they’d go three months without sex and at one point, Peter considered having his sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere, “Me and my buddies were planning a trip to Venezuela because nobody knows us there, ” he shared.

Luckily for them, Cynthia is healthy and their area lot more intimate now. But what happened to those vows they took when they got married? “In sickness and in health.” Seriously, Peter’s wife is suffering from painful fibroids and he’s worried about having his sexual needs met by some randoms in Venezuela??  What if she had a more serious condition like cancer?!

It’s quite disappointing to hear a man say he’d cheat on his wife because he was not having sex regularly due to her health condition. Newsflash Peter, everything isn’t going to be perfect in your marriage and it’s not going to always be about you!

Marriage is supposed to be sacred. You’re supposed to be faithful to your spouse and the vows you took. If you can’t be there for your significant other through the worst of times, maybe you shouldn’t get married.

But hey, I’m single. What do you I know?

What do you think? Was Peter justified? Ladies, what would you do if you were Cynthia?

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