If you follow Meagan Good on social media or have seen her interviews, one thing we know for sure is that she is not shy about her love of God and Jesus Christ. I find her and her husband, Devon Franklin, to be quite inspirational. Franklin is the Senior VP at Sony and is also a preacher. His name may sound familiar; I did a review of his book “Produced by Faith.” Check that out here.

After seeing reviews of Good’s red carpet and magazine outfits, I often wonder, is she being held to a higher standard because she’s married to a preacher (her husband doesn’t preach at one church; he gives sermons at different events and is a guest preacher at churches in LA)? Since becoming married, we have seen her appear multiple times in the media in revealing outfits. At the BET Awards, she wore a DEEP v-cut dress.  And to add fuel to the fire for many, she presented the Best Gospel Award in that dress.

I recently saw her Complex magazine feature on NecoleBitchie.com and readers wasted no time complaining about her sexy outfits and poses. Some said, and I’m paraphrasing, “she’s a First Lady so she shouldn’t dress that way.” (She’s never called herself a First Lady and neither has her husband). Others have said that “she should be setting an example” or that she should dress in a more “respectful way” because she is now a married woman.

This is not the first time I have read criticism of Good’s fashion choices. I’ve seen them on multiple blog sites. But I wonder, is it because she’s married to a preacher she can’t dress the way she has been? There are a number of women we see in Hollywood who are wives and people aren’t complaining when they show up to an event in a revealing outfit or are featured in a sexy photo shoot. For example, Ms.Beyoncé. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Beyoncé but she’s also married. Last time I checked, not too many people were complaining how her gyrating on stage or posing sexy in an issue of GQ magazine. Does she get a pass because she’s married to an entertainer? What about the fact that there are a lot of young girls that look to her as a role model? Should she be setting an example by not gyrating and posing in sexy photos too?

Meagan Good is just one of many women who are held under a microscope because they are the wife of a preacher. Are these women not allowed to be sexy?

A NecoleBitchie.com reader left this comment under the Complex Magazine post and I agreed with her:

In response to the controversy over her blue dress, Meagan Good reposted this message on Instagram after the BET Awards earlier this year:

What do you think? Should Meagan Good be less sexy in her fashion choices? Should those married to a preacher be held to a higher standard?

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