I didn’t grow up dreaming of a career in fashion. I wanted to work in sports. At first I wanted to be the next Pam Oliver; reporting sport news from the side lines.  Then my focused changed to sports marketing. The desire to work in fashion didn’t materialize until I was in grad school.

We hear people all the time say “I’ve wanted to sing since I was nine” and now they’re a major music artist. I saw a story on Wednesday about a guy who plays in a major orchestra. When he was little he wrote on a notepad that he was going to be the best at playing his instrument when he grew up.  When I hear those stories, I always feel like I’m behind the curve because I didn’t pursue a fashion career sooner.  So I often struggle with having faith in where my career is going.  Why would God fill me with the desire to want to have a fashion career if it currently looks like it isn’t moving in that direction? Will styling just be a hobby? Will I work a 9 to 5 I’m not passionate about for the next 30 years?

My desire for a career in fashion is stronger now than its ever been so it is no coincidence that I started reading DeVon Franklin’s book, Produced by Faith. Franklin is the VP of Production for Columbia Pictures and a minister.  In his book, he provides a guide on how to remain steadfast in faith while pursuing your dreams.  Talk about a wake up call!!! I wish y’all could see me when I’m reading this book. You would think I was studying for a test the way I have highlighted the pages!

Franklin shares his story of how he rose to where he is in his career; discussing the steps he took, how he relied on God and some of the challenges he faced. It’s not easy being a Christian while trying to work in Hollywood! Because I think this book is really an eye opener, I wanted to share some excerpts. I’ve highlighted too many lines to share in one post, so here are just a few things that really struck a cord with me:

“The trouble is that when you are a character in a story - when you are immersed in it - you can’t see how things will progress in the future….It becomes very easy to assume things will always be the way they are today.”

“So if your career is shaping who you become, and your faith isn’t integrally involved in your career choices, then what good is your faith?”

“While you are considering the Big Idea for your future, consider this: It’s got to be about more than getting promoted, getting a raise, or even becoming a star.  It must also be about how you can make an impact on the world and become a living example of God’s divine power.”

“We all struggle with ego and a sense of entitlement. We think we’re smart enough to know how to navigate through this complicated life, or that what we want is what is best for us. In reality, we don’t have the answers.  God does….It was about who I was going to be in God’s eyes - his servant or my own.”

“What matters today is not where you are today, but what kind of person God is shaping you to become in preparation for the time when he brings his vision for your life to fruition.”

“Be bold enough to request your ideal schedule from God, but be confident enough in him to agree to his schedule even if it differs from the time line you’ve had in your mind.”

I’m about half way through the book but it has definitely been life changing. More than anything, this book has helped me focus on ways I can build a stronger relationship with God.  Being that I am a work in progress, not only to be a better servant of God but to also live my life’s purpose, this book has definitely provided great guidance.

I HIGHLY recommend Produced by Faith for anyone, but specifically for those like me who may struggle with faith as you pursue your career and those searching to build a closer relationship with God. I promise, from what I’ve read so far, you won’t be disappointed.

Produced by Faith is available at Amazon.

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